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food processing automation
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Process Control  


ADI Process expertise in the various processes of manufacturing and transformation of the food and dairy industry allow plants to increase their productivity thanks to solutions at the cutting edge of technology.




We offer complete solutions in compliance with hygiene standards imposed by the various government agencies (CFIA, FDA).



• Cheesemaking control (Cheese VAT, finishing tables and pressing).
• Pasteurisateur HTST et thermiseur.
• CIP system control.
• Sterilization (UHT).
• Alfa-Laval and Westfalia seperators.
• Ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems.
• Fermentation and pH control.
• Milk reception and storage.
• Batching systems (powders, liquids, manual ingredients).
• Water treatment systems and bioreactors.

       See in more details our solutions for the following areas:

      Batching systems and cheesemaking.     


Bakeries, mixers and manual ingredients.



CIP systems.








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